Destiny’s Way understands the ongoing requirements of care for an individual with a developmental disability, and the importance of appropriate respite for both caregivers and the individual. As a result, we offer day, overnight and after school programs for your loved ones, which are, first and foremost, all about creating a feeling of comfort.

This is achieved by our own devotion to a professional and fully engaged approach to support, as well as our implementing a person-centered and flexible formatting of each day’s activities; in order to support the unique personal and physical challenges of each individual. At the same time, daily programming builds upon individual strengths, offering each person the promise of expanding upon existing personal and 
social skills, and ultimately providing an opportunity to make new friends and connections.

And while not all individuals may be ready to engage in relationship-building, we provide direct support to assist them in learning new ways of interacting with others, increasing self-awareness and enhancing their self development.

Similarly, we look to a range of daily programming which not only helps to integrate communication, creativity and motor skills, but is also lots of fun for all involved!

Here are the current programs available at Destiny's Way:
Day & Overnight Respite Program
Day & Overnight - Summer Camp, Winter Break Camp, and March Break Camp
Adult Day Program
Journey House Program

After School Program
For more information regarding any of our programs please contact us.